Is Tassel Jewelry A Hassle?

tassel jewelryIs Tassel Jewelry a Hassle?

I want to talk with you today about something that I’ve watched become more and more popular…Tassel Jewelry.

According to The Zoe Report …it’s a trend we can’t get enough of.

I can understand why, I love the look, the feel and the movement of tassel jewelry.

It’s everywhere and guess what?

It’s not a hassle to make tassel jewelry…it’s actually super simple!

So today we’re going to look at a few examples, share some tutorials on creating a few different looks and see what others are sharing with their creations of hassle-free tassel jewelry.

This is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

By the end I bet you’ll be ready to create your list of supplies needed to make your own tassel jewelry that I just know you will want to share with us here at Bead At Home on our upcoming guest gallery page.

So let’s get busy beading and learn to make tassel jewelry – Ready?

Let me start by sharing with you that like all beading jewelry you have a choice of different techniques and materials to achieve this fringe-y, fussy, flounce-y look and feel.

If you haven’t learned by now, there is never just one way to do things. We always have options and lots of them. The hardest part may be deciding which one to start with.

Have I mentioned that it’s also just plain fun to wear as well?

Does tassel jewelry catch your interest? Is it a style that you see yourself wearing or creating? Do you have any planned for the season?

Tassel Jewelry History:

Having grown up in a home decorating business my mother especially loved the accessories and tassels were a common sight in our home.

tassel trimmed slipcover table coverings

Tassel Skirted Slipcover and Table Coverings

If you had come to her home you may have seen tassels on pillows as well as incorporated into a window treatment. You would also possibly find a single tassel hanging from either a knob of her china cabinet, from the key of her serpentine slanted front desk and maybe even one large tassel on a hall closet door knob.

No matter where the tassels were creatively used they were always in view. Tassels are a playful accessory, there is no denying it.

With that background I have found this trend of wearing tassels as accessories for our body rather intriguing and I fell in love with it at first sight.

Curiosity has finally gotten the better of me and I started wondering exactly how long tassel jewelry has been around and what is the background of this fun festive look?

I went looking for an answer and found ‘A Decorative Past; How Tassels Changed History’ from MarthaStewart(dot)com.

While visiting I also found a very short tutorial that gives us a little introduction for making just one version of tassel jewelry. This gives us an instant, quick, easy and very doable project with just a few supplies [which I have taken the liberty of listing just below].

tassel necklace tutorial martha stewartHope you enjoy your first look, ‘How to Make DIY Tassel Jewelry’.

Now there are certainly many more versions and different looks that can be created, this is merely one.

Should you like to recreate this specific version then as I said, I have done a little shopping for you and found all the jewelry supplies needed at my favorite supplier, Fire Mountain Gems.

Here’s what you will need: [each item is a live link to take you directly to the component so that you can purchase directly from FMG if you like]

Supplies Needed:

Tools Needed:

OH, but don’t stop there…there are many more options for us still to discuss.

We’re just getting started.

Tassel Jewelry Price

Tassel jewelry is very trendy but just how affordable is it? Well to answer that let’s first ask…Ready-made or Handmade?

tassel necklace jumprings

Ready Made Tassel Necklace

If you go shopping for ready-made where the work has already been done for you then you will pay more for it.

Yes understood, but just how much more?

Here are just a few different price points to give you an idea of what’s available on the market.

You’ll see from Bauble Bar, a range of moderately price points for these beauties of the pre-made kind.

But now take a look at Nordstrom and you will see a higher ended price tag of tassel jewelry.

Of course like all things it will depend as to where you shop and what you are willing to pay for pre-made jewelry.

But my guess is, if you are here and reading this then more than likely you will want to…

Make Your Own Tassel Jewelry

Making your own tassel jewelry will certainly save you money in the long run but the exchange is investing your time in accumulating your materials, the outlay in purchasing the right tools, plus the time invested in learning how to assemble.

So the question I ask you…Is it worth it?

Well of course it is, who are we kidding here, that’s half the fun of creating our own jewelry…isn’t it.

So the cost involved in making your own tassel jewelry is relative to the materials you select, the type of tassel(s) you use and the style of jewelry you design. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other accessories are all affordable when creating that tasseled look.

Did I mention that it’s also just plain fun to wear?

From our little example above, with jewelry supplies from FMG, our total cost came to less than $5 and I would easily guess that you will find lots of options within that price range.

tassel assortment premade

Leather Tassel Assortment

Buying an assortment of pre-made tassels helps with that cost and time as well. These pre-assembled tassels pictured here, are priced at approximately $.22 each, comes as a pack and contains 45 different colors.

Now buy a roll of bulk chain or reel of leather cord add an assortment of findings for the proper closure and for $1 or less you have 45 different tassel necklaces.

Buy two packs of tassels, a bulk pack of earring findings and you have 45 different colored earrings.

That would give you enough for yourself and plenty left over to give as gifts to family, friends or anyone on your gift giving list.

I think that is affordable even for a beginner just getting started.

pre-made tassels

Pre-Made Tassels

But if you don’t want that many at once then you also have other options of smaller packs that you can easily find at your local hobby stores.

Don’t limit yourself to just the beading supplies department either. I found these smaller packs of tassels in the stamping department.

Scour different departments and you will find duplicated materials and findings used for different crafting projects other than beading jewelry.

  • Cross Stitching and Needle Point
  • Fabric and Trim Department
  • Stamping and Paper Embellishment
  • Wedding Accessories
  • Leather Crafting
  • Wood Crafts

Heck just take a day and meander through the craft store with the intent to just look for things that would work (HMMM…sounds like another article in the makings.) Sorry back to topic.

Let’s take a look at another tutorial that shows a different approach to incorporating these charming treasures in the design. One of my early mentors, Rena Klingenberg, shares with us an approach to colorful tassel jewelry.

This leads us to going one step further and learn how to…

Make Your Own Tassels

As you just saw from Rena’s examples of creating tassels she made it look rather simple.

Reality…it really is that easy.

Here are a few tutorials that I found very helpful to get us started with the process. But these are just a few examples, there’s always more than one way to skin a cat…OOPS…I mean make a tassel. I believe you will find it helpful as well.

First up, The O’Neil Sisters demonstrate tassel making using embroidery thread.


Next up…A video from BeadStyle Magazine where Dana Meridith demonstrates 4 Ways to Make Tassels. These projects can be found from the November 2015 BeadStyle Issue.


The ‘Go To’ Beginners Resources

There are different difficulty levels to creating tassels and literally hundreds of different versions, these are just to get you started down that path.

I will be following up with a version that I use to create another lovely tassel that no doubt will become a big hit with you. Here’s a little hint, it incorporates my previous experience in the home décor industry…stay tuned. I’ll let you know when it goes live.

If you would like to jump ahead and consider begin making your own tassels here are a few tools that may help you with that. Understand, you don’t need to buy any tools at all, you may have just what you need to make your own tassels right there at home.

But let’s look at a few tassel making tools anyway, never hurts to see what’s out there and available to us.

From Beadalon, one of the more common jewelry making names you will see for tools and supplies, comes their version of a tassel maker…

tassel maker beadalon

Beadalon Tassel Maker

Here is another version using a smaller frame from Clover Manufacturing Co.

tassel maker clover

Clover Manufacture Co.

and then this third version I found on amazon(dot)com, 1 tool, 4 steps, 5 sizes…sounds like my kind of tool, simple.

tassel maker frame

Pattie Wack Tassel Maker

All three of these are relatively the same price and hopefully allows you to see just some of the options available to you that are simple, affordable and accessible.

Tassel Jewelry Trends

A tassel makes for a nice focal point to set off a long strand necklace as we will see examples from one of my favorite jewelry trending shows…Downton Abbey.

I’ve been a fan from the beginning and watching the jewelry trend this one show seems to have created can only be explained by the popularity with it’s audience. It’s already a classic but that’s another topic for another day.

Downton Abbey made us aware to watch for jewelry trends thanks to the gorgeous reproduction of costumes showcasing the era with its style, design, garment beadwork and the jewels or accessories worn during that period. Tassel jewelry is just one style that can be found.

Here are just a few tassel jewelry trends inspired from Downton Abbey.

In this video clip from season 6, pay attention to Lady Mary’s outfit and especially the head band. Pay close attention to 00:23 of the video capturing a view of the back of her head, you will see a tassel adorning this beaded head band.

Very charming, don’t you think?

Here we see a tassel necklace worn by the character of Lady Grantham lavishly garnished with one version of a long tassel necklace from season 4

Downton Abbey Lady Grantham tassel necklace

Lady Grantham Tassel Necklace

Then I spied this outfit worn by the beloved departed Lady Sybil that is adorned with tasseled buttons.

Downton Abbey Lady Sybil tassel buttons

Lady Sybil Tassel Buttons

These could also be easily translated to adoring tassel earrings as well.

How versatile is that?

There is one more picture I want to include but it would be a ‘spoiler’ for the final and last episode for our U.S. friends…I’ll wait to include once the episode airs. I won’t even mention who it might be either but her initials are E.C.

Nope, no more hints, I’ve already said too much. Let’s change the subject…did I mention just how fun it is to wear tassel jewelry?

Okay I see I could continue to talk on this topic because I still have so much more I want to share but then I would never get this published for you to enjoy and well how much fun would that be.

So instead I believe we will continue our discussion of tassel jewelry later…for now we have run out of time.

But if you would like to continue on then let’s send you to look at a selection of different styles by going straight to my favorite place for some instant inspiration with a huge variety of versions for tassel necklaces and many other tasseled accessories…Pinterest, one of my favorite hangouts.

Share with us if you will be making any tassel jewelry this season? What are your thoughts on this style of jewelry? Do you find it as charming and alluring as I do? Be sure to share in the comments section below any and all comments you may have about tassel jewelry.

I will let you know once the ‘Guest Gallery’ is ready for you to send us your pictures so that we can all be inspired by your creations?


Until next time…

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