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welcome start beading here

Welcome to your new home of beading for beginners

Is this your first visit to Bead At Home?

First things first…Welcome to the our gathering place where we chat all about beading. We certainly hope you find a home here with us.

Next…Tell us where you are in your beading journey. We like to get to know our visitors and hopefully future residents. You see this is home for all sorts of beading and well we want you to move in, kick your feet up and stay to quite awhile, oh, who am I kidding we just want you to move in. Beading is something we never really outgrow and you will never learn everything. There is always something new to learn and that is what I hope either you find here or move that part of beading in with you here at Bead At Home.

With that in mind then what you bring to our home can inspire others to learn, experience and be inspired by what you have been or are currently doing with your jewelry making.

So…have you started your learning experience yet?

If not and you are looking to learn how to make jewelry and wondering where to start then Beading Jewelry 101 is where you want to bead-gin?

Do you need help getting started?

You will find your way there and if for any reason you are feeling a little lost, which is easily done when first starting out, then here are a few suggestions for you to follow:

  1. Read ‘Intro for Beginners’
  2. Visit the ‘Start Here’ section
  3. Begin with the ‘Step By Step’ Guide to take you through the learning in the order you need to proceed.

If you have already done that and still feel a little shaky of the next step then contact us, tell us what you have done and where you feel you need help. We are here and want this to be an easy process to get you started beading jewelry.

Okay then…I hope this has helped and that you have a new sense of direction. But if you still need help then we encourage you to let us know how we can further help you. Talk to us. We look forward to serving your beading needs.


Betty Beader


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