Simple Beaded Jewelry Projects for the Beginner

Simple Beaded Jewelry Projects For The Beginner

simple beaded projects

When I first stumbled into the world of beading I was expecting my second child and looking for a new hobby that would suit my needs but it had to be kid friendly.

Learning to make beaded jewelry has proven to be the right hobby/craft to fit that need.

I will share with you simple introductory beading projects that I use for most children classes that I offer. These projects work for any age group.

Follow along to see how easy and simple beaded jewelry is for the very beginner on up to the well experienced. Before you know it you will be making this yourself.

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Elastic Beaded Bracelets – Easy Enough a Child Can Do Itstretch elastic beaded bracelet


Making elastic beaded bracelets are an easy and simple project a child can do it…but why should they have all the fun.

With just a few supplies of beads and elastic string and a simple tie of the cord you have a completed project and instant gratification. Best of all no tools are needed.

What could be simpler?

Once you have your supplies gathered refer to the chart below for the size you will need for your project. Then when you are ready check out the video below for a full tutorial on ‘How to make an elastic bracelet’.

stretch elastic

Looking for the good quality products that make the difference for all beading projects. This is the product I have used for years in my projects and class projects.

I have had good success in longevity with my pieces.  I recommend for most projects to use the 1mm size.  It is a thicker cord and holds up better.

If it does prove to be too thick for some bead holes you may be using then you have an option of a smaller diameter of cord. Elastic cords range from .50 to .75 to a full 1 mm.

Cut a 12″ cord for bracelet projects.

Quickly condition your cord by pre-stretching it, pulling gently on it a few times generally takes care of excess stretching. By conditioning the cord  eliminates some of the slack and conditions the cord to the rigorous movement endured when worn.

If you have any tips you would like to add please feel free to add you comments in the box below.


Quick Reference Chart – What size bracelet do I wear?

bracelet sizing chart



When making bracelets for yourself or someone else this quick reference chart will help you determine what size to finish your bracelet. This would be an inside diameter measurement. Depending on the size of bead you are using will determine the inside diameter.

When cutting your stringing material allow approximately 5 additional inches to your desired finished length to allow enough cord to hold your project and securing the project with a simple knot.



Making an Elastic Beaded Bracelet on YouTube


Fashion Stretch Rings – Oh Good! More Elastic Projects!


elastic beaded stretch fashion ring


Another elastic beading project that is very simple but makes a big statement are fashion rings.

By following the same instructions above you can create a stunning fashion ring in any size you want. I still encourage you to allow 5″ extra in cord for stringing, holding and tying off your project.

Suggestions for your base could be to look for double holed beads using these for your band.

That was fun. Ready for another project?

Next Up:

Memory Wire – Bracelets, Necklaces and Rings

Another Simple Beaded Jewelry Project for Beginners

princess memory wire braceletMemory wire jewelry is another easy project that I like to offer for children’s and adult classes alike. When we are short on time and looking for a quick but dynamic looking of jewelry to create, then I use memory wire for our project.

Like the elastic project you will need memory wire for stringing and beads. Unlike the elastic project you will need two tools to complete this project.

1. Round Nose Pliers

2. Floral Wire Cutters

The floral wire cutters are needed to cut this heavy gauge wire and the round nose pliers will be used to close both ends of the wire.

If this looks like a project you may like to give a try I invite you to click here for the complete instructions and explanation of the tools, materials and the uses of each or the link just below.

In the meantime…have a bead-tastic time and let’s see your projects.


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