The Many Shades of Amethyst

As Valentine’s Day approaches we will take advantage of such a sweet day and talk a bit about the many shades of one of our favorite gemstones that we looove….the amethyst.

So if you have just a few minutes to spend with us grab a cup of hot tea or coffee and sit for minute, won’t you? Go ahead we’ll wait.

We won’t be too long…

Ready? Then let’s chat just a bit about the birthstone of February…the amethyst.

2016 pantone lilac gray

One Shade of Amethyst

[SIDE NOTE: Every wonder how birthstones came about? Here is a version of the story, should it intrigue you. We found it quite interesting. Thank you for you take on it.]

Okay back to topic…

I love gemstones and the amethyst is one of my personal favorites, okay who am I kidding I have lots of favorites, but the amethyst ranks way up at the top. I think it has to do with the richness of the color.

The shade of amethyst ranges from a light pinkish violet to a very deep purple and is the color of royalty.

Pantone’s 2016 color palette has one shade of amethyst in the selection. You can visit there now to see what more Pantone is sharing about this one shade of amethyst…lilac gray.

Here are a few fun facts about this bead-utiful purple gem.

  • Amethyst is a quartz.
  • Color of an amethyst varies based on the region the stone is mined.
  • Due to range of color variation it’s often cut as brilliant round cut to maximize the colors.
  • Amethyst is a very affordable gemstone available in variety of cuts.

If you would like to learn more then consider these few links to discover other little delicious tidbits about the amethyst.

Now just a few more links to indulge the amethyst craving you may have and not nearly as high in calories as chocolate [be still  my heart].

amethyst earring tutorial

Amethyst Earring Tutorial

Since we love you for visiting with us today here is a quick easy little tutorial of another shade of amethyst using swarovski crystals.

amethyst swarovski beadsdouble hoop findings (3)With just 3 tools and 2 techniques these sweet dangle earrings can easily be replicated. Should you like to create a pair for yourself we already found swarovski crystals for you in 6mm and these double hoop findings.

These particular hoops are links and allows you to change your pair up by adding an additional crystal to the bottom small hoop to add just that little oomph of sparkle.

Okay that will do us for today. We hope you loved our time together celebrating a few shades of amethyst…the color of love.

So what is your favorite shade of amethyst? We want to know.

If you complete this tutorial be sure to come back and share your creations with us.

Until next time…Beaded Blessings.


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