It’s National ‘Beading’ Craft Month Week 2

So glad to have you with us today…March is national ‘beading’ craft month.

Well actually it’s just national craft month…I threw the ‘beading’ in because it’s my favorite craft and well that’s what we talk about here at Bead At Home.

There are so many options to beading crafts, after all beading isn’t just for making jewelry. Beads are beads are beads no matter what project you use them in.

We’re going to visit a few clever crafters that incorporate beading into their crafts as well. It’s just a natural fit don’t you think?

Lavendar-Garden-Marker_-Left-on-Peninsula-Road_500pxFirst up…Easy Beaded Stamped Garden Markers 

This tutorial provides simple instructions for these personalized adorable garden markers. Supplies are basic and if you don’t have them in your stash right now then here is a good excuse to consider adding them to your supplies just so you can complete these sweet garden markers just in time for the arrival of spring.

Have you considered adding stamping jewelry and accessories to your list of things to learn with jewelry making?

It’s a simple enough technique that you really don’t need any special skills to achieve a stamped look and this tutorial gives you tips for getting a good looking stamped impression.metal stamping set

There is no doubt you will be adding a metal stamping set to your list of tools eventually. If I know you like I think I do, it either is already on your list of things to learn or it will be very soon.

There are some simple sets out there priced around $20 and less. That’s affordable for what you are getting in the long run. These pictured here are found at Amazon(dot)com and are a small letter, 1/4″ in heigth or 6mm which is what is needed for this project.

Beads, wire, chain nose pliers will be your beading supplies you will need for this quick little project. Those, you should already have if you have been through the beading for beginners tutorials at Beading Jewelry 101 that I share with you.

copper garden markersIn addition to the basic tools and supplies just add unadorned garden markers that are waiting for your personal touch.

Here are a pack of 20 that are less than $1 a piece. This is an affiliate link to Amazon and I will make a small commission if you should purchase these through this link. You should also be able to find these at your local gardening stores as well.

By adding the metal stamping set found here you will be ready to go.

An alternative to the metal stamping set, if you aren’t ready to invest, is to use a permanent marker to write directly on the identification strip. It’s just as cute and saves you a few dollars.

But while you’re at it, why not consider making an extra set or two to give away as gifts as well…Mother’s Day is just around the corner (hint, hint). Never to early to get a jump on gifts needed in the very near future.

Next Up…Bad Art Project turned Good Results from The Frugal Crafter Lindsay Weirich

Lindsay shows us how she ended up with these fun beach-y themed looking paper beads after a mess up from a previous project that went bad. That’s why she’s called the frugal crafter…she doesn’t like to waste anything.

Lindsay’s energetic personality pops right off the page and draws you in so that you want to run right out, mess up in order to create something exceptional as well.

For our last look this week of celebrating national craft month let’s take a look at the most frequented place I love to go for inspiration to see what is trending…Pinterest. (as though you didn’t already know where I was going to send you ;))

Pinterest’s popularity has grown into a search engine comparable to ‘Google’ or ‘Bing’…and in some cases more desired if visual searches are your preference.

Our search term for today is ‘national-craft-month-2016’.

Here is a little tip I have found when you search a long keyword like that, make sure you enter the ‘dashes’ between the words. The dashes keeps the phrase together otherwise you are getting results for ‘national’, ‘craft’, ‘month’ and ‘2016’ and that leaves you with a very different search result.

I find Pinterest much easier to fine tune the search because viewing pictures quickens the search.

Good for us, but bad for those that are trying to get in front of you if they are not doing a good job at relaying their message with a great picture or graphic.

Scanning and clicking for projects through a picture saves a thousand words to have to read and gets you to your project that much quicker.

Do you use Pinterest when you are searching for information or projects?

Tell us the kind of things your look for on Pinterest.

Then be sure to share with us any projects you may be working on or planning to create in March to celebrate National Craft Month.


Until next week…Happy ‘Bead’ Crafting.




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