Jewelry Artists


Beading and jewelry making provides a diverse group of Jewelry Artists in the field.

There are many different facets to creating jewelry. We explore many of the different areas as we discuss “What is Beading?”.

Learning the basics starts you on your way and lays that foundation…but where will it take you?

Anywhere you want to…

First ask yourself ‘what interest me?’. Explore that and as you grow into this keep that question in the forefront of your learning.

Some are lucky and just know right away what they want to do, others take a bit of experiment, trial and error…and still others may start in one direction then venture to a completely different arena with creating jewelry.

There is not just one path – there are many.

That is the purpose here, to introduce you to other jewelry artists, how they started and what they have done with their knowledge and acquired skill set.

We wanted to introduce you to various artist, beading enthusiast in the field of jewelry making, the theme:

Everyone Starts At The Beginning…

This interview series is intended to give you a peek into their world and give you a feel for what they experience.

So if you are ready to do a bit of exploring.

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This is for all, from the beginner to the expert, from little experience to years of experience. Truth is, there is always room to grow and we all need that inspiration to stir in us to continue growing with this love of making jewelry.  No one is greater than the other, we are just all different.

Keep that in mind as we see how:

Everyone Starts At The Beginning

handmade by mobile boutique

‘I began designing and manufacturing my own custom components.’

Amber of –  Spending time with a true pioneer in the bead designing world was great fun for me personally. Amber, owner of Mobile-Boutique, took on the beading world before she knew what she was doing or how she got there. All she wanted was a 1973 VW Beetle Car and ended up with a bead store on-line providing beads, charms and clasp that she designs herself. Read of her journey that brought her to this dream come true and became a bead at home mom known as Mama Bear and discovering for herself…’Everyone Starts at the Beginning’. Read more…


Tara Hutch Fine Jewelry Hand Hearts gemstone rings

“I love any excuse to play with gemstones.”

Tara Hutchinson – Tara was never meant to be an artist, she was born to be a soldier. But after a life changing event, while serving her country, she suffered from conditions that could have been the end of her life. It was during this darkest point that Tara capitalized on a life changing initiative. It saved her life and she found her new passion…making jewelry. Tara is a wounded warrior turned jewelry artist extraordinaire, but to get to where she wanted she first had to start…because ‘Everyone Starts at the Beginning’. Read more…


Ravit Stoltz peyote triangle squared

“I love working with seed beads and crystals the most.”

Ravit Stoltz – Moving to a new country and helping her children to cope with their new home opened an opportunity that may not have been available otherwise. Ravit found comfort and therapy in learning how to make jewelry with the help and inspiration of a family member. Once the basics were learned, the sky has been the limit. This sent this one bead-thusiast to new heights and now shares her knowledge with others, showing them how to find that beading artist within. To think it all sprang from the mere fact that…‘Everyone Starts at the Beginning’. Read more…


margaret schindel queen of hearts earrings hubpages

“Make Art From Your Heart”

Margaret Schindel – Beginning her journey in the beading world as a child influenced by her mother’s love for jewelry, beads and other pretties, Margaret comes by her addiction for jewelry making honestly. Who knew she would be so influenced at such a young age that it would stay with her through her entire life. Margaret contributes her years of experience as senior and technical editor of a metal clay artist magazine…how exciting! Let’s visit more with Margaret and hear of her adventures from where she began to where she is now…since ‘Everyone Starts at the Beginning’. Read more…


Tracy Matthew rosegold necklaces

“Rose Gold is my favorite material to work with.”

Tracy Matthews – Tracy began her jewelry making path on a simple decision of taking a jewelry making elective class in college and it apparently was love at first encounter. Though she first trained in metalsmith, for the last 25 years she has touched several other facets to jewelry making turning it into a career. The path wasn’t the easiest but the love was too deep to give up. Today she is quite happy with the direction it has taken her. Read more of Tracy’s ventures in the jewelry making industry from where she started to where she is today….After all ‘Everyone Starts At The Beginning’. Read more…




all photos are published with permission from original artist