January 2016 Project of the Month – Garnet Earrings

January 2016 Featured Project of the Month

Garnet Channel Set Hoop EarringsOur featured project of the month for January 2016 uses this month’s birthstone; the garnet.

The project…a pair of garnet channel set hoop earrings are created and demonstrated by Lisa Yang, a fellow beading blogger I came across.

In this tutorial Lisa shows us each step by step process to create these very unique and rather luscious garnet hoop earrings. Bead-utiful!!

She shares with us the materials used and why she chose them.  It’s always good getting different perspectives from others that create beaded jewelry since we all have different experiences it helps show us the variety of materials and why one likes this specific material over another.

There is no right or wrong to any of this jewelry making, it’s just what works best for you in your setting, your circumstances and your criteria you set for yourself. Different methods are good.

In this demonstration here are the tools and materials used to complete this project:

Tools Used:

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  •    Crafting Wire Cutters
  •    Round Nose Pliers
  •    Chain Nose Pliers
  •  Mandrel

Materials Used:

If you are interested in trying this project I’ve done the shopping for you and found each item on Amazon.com. Clicking each linked item takes you directly to where you are able to purchase each tool and material used for this specific project.

I like you knowing up front and making you aware we do make a small income when you purchase directly through these links. This is just one of the ways we are able to support Bead At Home and continue to serve your beading needs

If you give this project a try please be sure to come back and show us your projects.

So without further ado

Lisa Yang’s Garnet Hoop Earring Tutorial.





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