It’s National ‘Beading’ Craft Month Week 4 – DIY Jewelry

national craft month week 4 Jewelry DIYWelcome back for our last round of celebrating National ‘beading’ Craft Month Week 4.

This week we will be looking at a variety of DIY Jewelry to follow up from our previous sessions of incorporating beads into craft projects and handmade fabric beads.

Are you up to getting adventuresome with us this week?

We hope so because we’re going to continue with this series of DIY Jewelry.

This turned into an interesting diversion while researching what is out there to learn.

Focused on teaching the basics to beading, we sometimes find ourselves keeping the blinders up not venturing out to pay attention to what others are doing that beginners can also achieve without any special skills, except the general interest of crafting

There is much more to crafting with beads and making jewelry then just stringing jewelry with the pre-formed beads.

Beading is crafting with many techniques.

According to the word ‘craft’, as a noun, is an art, a trade, a manual skill. ‘Craft’ as a verb is to make or manufacture with skill and careful attention to detail.

So we, as crafters, are the person, the artist manufacturing with careful attention to detail. Creating jewelry whether with pre-made beads or other materials still defines us as ‘beading crafters’.

Therefore, diy jewelry is the perfect topic for us to talk about while focusing our attention to National Craft Month.

We’re taking the liberty of giving us permission to explore the crafting world staying on topic of beads and making jewelry.

Okay, enough chit chat, let’s get back to jewelry earrings

Since taking a recess from basic stringing and beading for beginners covered at Beading Jewelry 101, we got out of our comfort zone and went visiting. We researched what others are doing with crafting diy jewelry that’s ‘out of the box’.

We spent a lot of time on line searching for ideas for different types of projects.

So far we have talked about incorporating beads into other craft projects, making beads with paper and fabric in addition to making fabric jewelry. This week we wanted to look at a few more varieties of interest.

Remaining focused on ‘National Craft Month’ we came up with a conglomeration for your consideration.

These little tutorials that we are focusing on had to fit a few categories.

Words like, easy, simple, no skill required, no special techniques, no specific tools came to mind. It also had to be affordable and above all F.U.N., which is always a requirement.

We think you are going to like what we found so if you have your adventure mind frame on then let’s begin.

Now remember this is a conglomerate and we wanted to touch on a few different techniques, materials and end results all that still equal our common topic of interest…diy jewelry.

First up…we go back to ‘the frugal crafter’ and see what else she has to share. She is full of projects and we found a great simple project to add to our ‘to do’ list. Super easy, very affordable with stunning results…we think you will feel the same.

Recycling is this crafter’s bag and we just love to see what she has come up with.

In this next project we’ll have a scavenger hunt in the house for supplies. If you can’t find the supplies she is using then a trip to the hardware and dollar store for these economical supplies that won’t break the bank. Let’s take a look.

You may be very surprised as to what is used to create these fun and attractive necklaces.

So was that fun or what? I see lots of projects ahead with just a tweak here and twist there to make our own version of these super simple designs.

Moving on these next two projects come to us from Cool2Craft and we continue with a recycling theme. All materials you will find in your home and you’ll want to save these supplies vs. throwing them out. Incorporate the necessary jewelry making supplies along with the basics to beaded earrings tutorial at Beading Jewelry 101 for finishing this project out and you’ll have this one covered.

Oh and you’ll need a handy hole punch but if you don’t have one on hand then there are other methods to create the needed hole to add the necessary findings to complete this look.

We were surprised at the secret material to create these fabulous looking earrings.

Simple, easy, affordable and fun, everything we look for in diy jewelry.

One last project, again from Cool2Craft, is just for the fun of it. Scissors and a t-shirt, really, what could be more simple. Incorporate some jewelry making supplies and there you have it. Another stunning accessory incorporating diy jewelry.

We found a few crafting project ideas from C2C and expect we will be doing some more visiting very soon. But for now let’s see what they share here for this uber easy task.

With just a sampling of these tutorials for making a diverse selection of diy jewelry you have enough here to get you started creating a large selection of unique looking accessories for your ensemble this season. Nothing difficult about any of these and all are used with common items around your household.

Why not give one or all of these different techniques a try? I think we will definitely be trying them ourselves. Like we said it’s been a nice diversion from just the basics to beading with other techniques to create diy jewelry.

That is going to do it for our last session. We sincerely hope you have enjoyed this little detour this month as much as we have as we celebrated national craft month.

It’s nice every so often to change up our jewelry making techniques and projects. There is more than one way to make jewelry. Taking a diversion from the normal increases our learning and either fine-tunes our focus on learning our beginning skills and defines exactly what we want to continue to learn as we travel down this beading for beginners journey.

Now share with us in the comments below which was your favorite project and why? Have you completed any projects similar to what we talked about? Or – Which will be the first one of these little diversions you’re going to give a try?

After all curious minds want to know and we want to know what you think.

Share with us now and until next time…beaded blessings.





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