Happy 2016!

As time moves on and a New Year begins I wanted to re-share an old post I found from 2012.

Much has changed for me personally and I suspect for you as well but re-reading these thoughts from 4 years ago it seems the message is still relevant to the beginning of each new year.

I felt compelled to share these thoughts with you and remind both you and myself of this timeless message.

Happy 2012!

With every new year comes new hopes and dreams.  

A renewal of what lies ahead for each of us in the new year. 2012 brings new ideas, creations and so much more.

I asked myself this new year,

“How do I keep this new fresh feeling alive everyday this year?”

The conclusion? You just do.  

This may be easier said than done, but let’s break it down.

  • 12 new starts to every month,
  • 52 brand new weeks
  • 365 new days

Each of these are a start to fresh and new beginnings…plus this year, being a leap year, brings an extra day. Just think about it…only every 4 years do we get 1 whole extra day. That’s 24 whole extra hours!

How fortunate! 

Every new day is a blessing and I look forward to sharing so much with you.

What will you do this 2012 to keep it fresh and new?

What do you think? Relevant? Yes or No?

I can hear the comments (mostly from myself) and like I said…Easier said than done. Believe me I know. But how much different would we behave if we could view it that way, a new fresh start that many times within a year and not just at the beginning of a year.

I’m not saying it’s easy I’m merely pointing out that the opportunity is there if we see it that way, put our mind frame there and move forward in that direction.

We are going to be talking about goals and such this month (seems to be a good time to do this) and look at what you want to accomplish and offer some suggestions to reach for it.

Let me go back and ask the ending question, from above, in a different way…What did you do in 2012?  Do you remember?  What will you do in 2016 to keep it fresh and new?

Share with us what you hope to accomplish in this new year of 2016…

Here is your question to finish:

My plans for 2016 are…[you fill in the blank]

Shall I begin: My plans for 2016 are writing and publishing new beading tutorials for memory wire, elastic, jewelry supplies for each new project. Record videos of beading classes to share with my beading buddies, create and  publish Bead At Home on YouTube.  [so much more but I’ll save more for other visits with you.]

Okay I shared a beginning of my plans for 2016…now it’s your turn…your fellow beading buddies are waiting to hear from you.

We wish you a Happy and Bright New Year this 2016 and pray that this year will bring you great joy, happiness and lots of opportunities for learning and creating beautiful beaded jewelry with us here at Bead At Home.

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