DIY Jewelry Journal

Welcome to Bead At Home’s DIY Jewelry Journal where we discuss all things beading and jewelry making focused on the beginner.

In this blog setting we will have bead discussions about a variety of jewelry making topics as well as the trials and tribulations along the journey. We will talk about the many lessons we have learned along the way that will keep you from making the same mistakes and saving you money. We would love to have you join the conversation.

“What kind of topics?”…you might be asking.

How about things like:

jewelry artist of the month Tara HutchinsonMonday Mentors…where we interview bead-thusiast like you and jewelry artists sharing their experiences and beginnings in the jewelry making world. After all, ‘Everyone Starts at the Beginning…’

Then there is Tuesday’s Tools, Techniques, Tutorials and Tips…discussing the variety of beading tools, techniques, demonstrating tutorials and sharing tips we have learned from our own learning experiences.

And Thursday Thoughts where we can discuss the many thought provoking topics that we bump up against such as beading designs, craft storage, jewelry displays, reviews and so much more. 

An absolutely necessary topic of discussion has to be introducing you to the variety of jewelry making supplies in our Friday Findings sessions. We will be sharing and demonstrating the many, many components in the jewelry making supplies sections you find in supply catalogs and hanging in the beading aisles of bead shops.

Jewelry Making Supplies

Of course, how fun would it be to visit bead shops in our Saturday Shopping segments while we introduce you to bead shops around different areas both on-line and the off-line brick and mortar world. We will need your help with this so that we can feature any you favor and look forward to hearing about your local area shops.

These sessions and so much more will be our bead talk topics.

There will be many things to talk about and so many topics to cover in our DIY Jewelry Journal that I’m sure we will never run out of ideas. We will depend on you to keep the conversation going giving us more ideas of what you would like to discuss.

We look forward to visiting with you and having you join the discussions with us here, at Bead At Home, where we enjoy serving your beading needs.

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