Celebrate Scrabble, April 13, With Easy to Make Scrabble Jewelry – No Special Jewelry Making Skills Required.


Simple, Elegant Scrabble Pendent Necklaces by: Simply Spain Designs

Happy Scrabble Day!

Really, we’re not kidding. April 13 is set as the official ‘Scrabble Day’.

We thought it might be fun to celebrate the game of Scrabble, looking at easy to make scrabble jewelry projects with no special jewelry making skills required, as well as, visiting other jewelry artists to see their creations.

We hope you like the idea as much as we do because we enjoy talking about one of our favorite games, Scrabble, as we also continue to share with you our all-time favorite activity…making jewelry.

Great combination don’t you think?

We’ll talk just a bit about the game and it’s history. Then visit a few artists that create this playful and easy to wear jewelry allowing their creativity to inspire us like what you see pictured here from Simply Spain Designs Etsy Shop.

We’ll watch a few Scrabble jewelry projects in action. We’ll see what goes behind creating a custom look and just how simple the process can be kept.

If you’ve spent any time here with us before, then you know these are always our favorite projects where there are no special skills required. Just add your own creativity to make your own designs.

We’ll finish off by briefly talking of how you can make money with Scrabble jewelry.

So if this sounds like a topic you would like to explore a bit more, grab a cup of tea or coffee and let’s talk…Scrabble Tile Jewelry.

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Do You Enjoy Playing Scrabble?

It was a regular scene to see my brother and me sitting thoughtfully staring at our tray of letters configuring and contemplating our next word and patiently waiting as the other completed their turn.


Scrabble Deluxe Turntable Game

He and I are so found of the game that even our gift exchanges over the years included Scrabble paraphernalia; A Deluxe Turntable Game, The Official Scrabble Dictionary, Scrabble themed sticky notes and note cards…

This list is endless and great fun.

We enjoyed playing scrabble together, although through the years my brother’s chair was replaced with my husband. But the game continues to be a favorite.

I never really gave much thought behind the game of Scrabble, outside of a rousing competition of word and point placement, until I discovered this month, while searching for notable dates to share in the newsletter, that April 13th is the official ‘Scrabble Day’.

Perfect! Scrabble is a personal favorite of mine and since jewelry making is our main topic of discussion here what would be more fun than to combine the two.

In order to talk a bit more intelligently on the topic and not be found out that I really knew very little on one of my top ten most favorite games, the research began. It satisfied my curiosity on so many levels.

The History of Scrabble

Life changed for many with the depression in the early 1930’s. It was from the creative thinking of an unemployed architect, Alfred Mosher Butts, that got the concept of the game started.

Analyzing popular games and attempting to combine chance and skill was the onset to this,now, widely popular game. It was through Butts thorough analysis method of our language that established the original tile distribution. It has remained very close to that creation through the years of it’s inception.

It had a rough start the beginning years under a few different names but finally partnering with a game-loving entrepreneur, James Brunot, doors did begin to open.

With the collaboration of the two they fine tuned the elements of rules and designs and in 1948 the name ‘SCRABBLE Brand Crossword Game’ was trademarked.

Production began, turning out approximately 12 games an hour and even hand-stamping letters onto the tiles. It wasn’t too long before it reached the point it needed to be sent to a factory for assembly and shipping due to increasing demand.

But it was not until the early 1950’s when it finally gained the recognition it deserved when the president of Macy’s discovered the game while on vacation. Taken with the game he decided to add it to Macy’s line of products in the store.

The popularity grew and the rest – as they say – is history.

If you would like to read more on the history and growth of Scrabble you can read Scrabble(dot)com or The National Scrabble Association for ‘the rest of the story’.

Inspiration through Creativity and Design

Reading stories like this very example stirs and inspires our inner creativity.

There is a designer and creator in all of us, in one degree or another.

It’s not just the actual creation of ‘Scrabble’ that we find intriguing but what it took to create it, believe in it and grow it. Reading how the popularity grew from just a mere game to seeing what others turned it into can stir and touch the designer in all of us.

It’s all a creative process, the inception of an idea to moving the production to a factor.

In honor of Scrabble Day I think we should celebrate…But how?

Play a rousing game of Scrabble would normally be my preference, but not today.

No…today we will look at other ways to commemorate this day.

From Scrabble Game to Scrabble Jewelry…

Even though playing a game of Scrabble is enjoyable, if the truth be known the other main reason we enjoy the game is the opportunity it provides to run fingers through the tiles while selecting replacement tiles after each play.


Charmed Scrabble Pendent Necklace by: Stumbling on Sainthood.com

There are 100 tiles to the game and storing them in a cloth bag allows for ease to run our hands through the bundle of smooth wooden square tiles.

It’s the same fascination that you may find with a bag full of buttons or beads.

With the popularity of the game you can now purchase just the tiles separately to either replace lost or damaged tiles or to create other things like this example of Stumbling on Sainthood’s charmed Scrabble tile pendent.

How utterly whimsical and charming!

That is what we are going to focus the rest of our time together on.

We thought it would be fun to celebrate ‘Scrabble Day’ by looking at what others have created by the examples shared here and above using Scrabble tiles adding other components.

So from here let’s continue on by sharing our…

April Project of the Month

We are going to look at an easy design in two different methods that make up this cheerful Scrabble Jewelry.

Here are two simple instructional videos to get you started with this easy process. Take just a few minutes to watch both of these to give you a sampling of just what can be done with these little square wood letter tiles.

From Ben Franklin Crafting this easy project will get you started.

Now from our friends at Beadaholique here is another great project using Scrabble Tiles using simple supplies with no special skills required.

There are plenty of other tutorials out there providing lots of inspiration with instruction for different designs this was just an introduction.

We love finding different and unique ways of creating fun and playful jewelry to share with you that require no special jewelry making skills.

Being a beginner in any area we need that extra push to lay our foundation of fundamentals and this is no exception. Any new materials introduced to you here can be applied to other projects creating a whole new look and feel.

Don’t stop at just what we discussed here, take these same methods and apply them to other components such as domino tiles or…you fill in the blank.

Let this inspire you to look at things with a new set of eyes.

Explore different departments of your local crafting store that can translate into jewelry.

Let your imagination soar!

Should you be interested in creating your own line of Scrabble jewelry to sell you can find additional ideas and information in “How to Make Scrabble Tile Jewelry and Make Money!” by Dina Washington covering more instruction on ‘how to’, where to find additional supplies as well as where to sell the jewelry as well as pricing your pieces.

We hope this has given you enough to get your creative juices flowing and excited to explore more on this topic.

Now come join the conversation and share with us.

“What other ways do you see this method useful or what other components can this method can be applied to?” leaving your thoughts or comments below.

We look forward to chatting more with you.


Until next time…

Beaded Blessings.

photos are owned by the creator of BeadAtHome(dot)com or the noted artist and are reproduced with permission…

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