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Amber of Mobile-Boutique – Bead Store, Bead Designer and Mama Bear

jewelry artist of the month-Amber Mobile Boutique

Join us in introducing a true pioneer in the bead designing world. Amber, owner of Mobile-Boutique, took on the beading world before she knew what she was doing. All she wanted was a 1973 VW Beetle Car and ended up with a bead store on-line providing beads, charms and clasp that she designs herself. Read of her journey that brought her to this dream come true and became a bead at home mom known as Mama Bear.

The Many Shades of Amethyst

As Valentine’s Day approaches we will take advantage of such a sweet day and talk a bit about the many shades of one of our favorite gemstones that we looove….the amethyst. So if you have just a few minutes to…