Back to School…It’s Time to Freshen Our Wardrobe and Accessories for a New School Year

As the summer wears on and it’s now mid August, in our part of the world it means…Back to School. Whether it’s back to elementary, middle, high school or college it also means it’s time to freshen our wardrobe and accessories for a new school year.

With each change of the season comes a change of the color palette. So what’s new for this upcoming fall of 2017 season?

To answer that question I always love checking in with Pantone.

Let’s take a quick peek for just a glimpse of what to expect for this Fall 2017 Fashion Color Report

Show Your School Spirit

With every new year back to school means it’s time to show your school spirit with your school’s colors. There are lots of opportunities to wear those colors all school year with sports events and activities ahead.

Team Sports or School Clubs

If you or your child are active in extra school activities then don’t forget to add charms to your jewelry to support your favorite team or club as well.

Whether it’s cheer-leading, football, softball or a club you are active in there is a charm to show your support.

Listed here are a few of my favorite on-line sites that I like to shop when trying to find just the right charm.

These three have a great selection between them that there should be no problem in finding just the right charm or accent bead to show your school spirit.

This choker is sporting an accent bead of a lion to represent our own once beloved school mascot complimented with school color beads for the matching coil bracelet.

Have fun with your search and see what kind of unique look you come up with.

If you have another favorite bead shop that you prefer please share with us on Bead At Home’s ‘BEAD SHOPS’ page. We want to hear about your favorite bead shop so we can visit as well.


Back to school also means it’s time for those ever reliable fundraisers for all teams, clubs and schools alike.

Tired of the same old fundraisers? Looking for something fresh and new?

Why not jazz it up using customized and unique jewelry to help put the ‘FUN’ back into fundraising.

Name Beads is one of my favorite places to shop when using jewelry as a source for those fund raising events. Everyone loves some kind of jewelry item whether bracelets, necklaces or even key chains.

Customizing is always a big attraction. Don’t let this school year be just another boring candy sale or car wash to raise those funds needed to support your group. Give them something that they really, really want this year.

School or Town Festivals and Church Bazaars

Tis the season for the school, town or church festivals and bazaars.

These are really great venues for finding a captive audience to help raise funds or earn a little extra money to support your beading habit.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two type of people that come to these events, those that are buying and those that are looking for ideas.

Jewelry is always a main attraction that most everyone will want to consider even if they are just looking and there are always lots of jewelry booths at these events as well. Don’t let that put you off though. Work it to your advantage, do something different to help you stand out from the crowd.

If you keep the price point affordable you are likely to have more interest and leave with more funds. Everyone loves to walk away with some little token from an event.

Not everyone will want to drop $20 for a necklace but they may be more inclined to part with $5 for earrings or a key chain.

I encourage you to keep this in mind while you plan your items as long as the profit margin makes sense.

Now it’s your turn.

Share with us what kind of festivals and bazaars are happening in your area? Will you be participating in any this season?

How will you be different to stand out that will get everyone to buy what you have?

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