Are Your Bedazzled By Beads?

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Do you find yourself standing in a bead aisle at your favorite store, either physically or virtually, gazing at all the eye candy?…Yeah, me too!

Bedazzled by BeadsDo you find yourself interested in anything crafty and beads are on that list?…Yeah, me too!

Do you love to look, touch and drool over colors, textures, sparkles, bling and cutesy [if that is a word] stuff?…Yeah, me too!

Sometimes…just sometimes mind you…you see something and you have to buy it just because you want to create something with it even if you don’t know what it might be. Do you get this overwhelming urge to experience the pleasure that you know there will be in working with it. Do you dream of what you may make out of it. Do you just have to have it in your possession?  Are beads on that list?…Yeah, me too!

Have beads been on your list but just never knew what to do with them?…Yeah, me too!

Well if you said yes to any or ALL of these then my diagnosis is that you are bedazzled by beads and you got it bad!

Today it is much easier to learn how to bead and make jewelry then it ever has been before. The internet is loaded with all kinds of ‘how to’ tutorials to get you started. Trades people seem more open to want to share their secrets with you in.

Of course to become a master craftsman would still take special training but things are so much easier to create very beautiful designs that look like hundreds of dollars, but the reality is it only takes a few dollars.

I’m glad I never gave up hope on the quest I had to one day learn how to work with beads in a professional manner and today I teach and instruct others how to begin their journey making beaded jewelry at the very basics.

Before I knew it I was writing about what I have learned and became the ‘Bedazzled by Beads’ contributor for a writing platform called Squidoo. It was almost too much to believe. UMMM…In case you are wondering, Squidoo is no longer with us (may they rest in peace) so the position went away as well. That’s okay because it did not interfere with my reason for taking that position…I’m still bedazzled by beads and it served a great purpose to continue to focus my message…teach bedazzled by beads enthusiast how to get started.

If you are bedazzled by beads then I hope you join in the conversation here and share your knowledge of what you know sharing beading tips, projects and your own experiences.

If you are new to the beading world then I want to share with you how you can catch the beading bug and harness your bedazzled by beads interest and learn what you can do with that passion.


Beads and making jewelry can become addicting, so please bead responsibly. 🙂

I want to personally welcome you to the world of ‘Bedazzled By Beads’, all are welcome to join in. I enjoy knowing when someone has been by so be sure to sign in and leave a comment below and share this with your other beading friends.

Now just for fun here is a synopsis of my journey that lead me to where I am today and my beading project Bead At Home. It may sound pretty ridiculous but believe me it was serious stuff at each time. Looking back over it though it makes me laugh and grateful I don’t give up. Each year it evolves to something closer to the big picture.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy your time here.




Treasure Chest of Beads

The Year was 1995

Go back with me to the year 1995. My husband had taken me to New Orleans for our very, VERY belated honeymoon.

We were enjoying our afternoon in Jackson Square, taking a brief break from our walking tour, I glanced down on the cobblestone walk and what do you think I saw?


Now what I am about to tell you next makes my face flush, whether it’s the embarrassment or the excitement of what I saw I know not which and if I can read you I bet you know what I am about to say…Yes…I got down and picked up every bead I saw and saved them.

It was one of those ‘I can do something with these some day’ moments.

Painfully true….Go ahead have your giggles, I’ll wait…Ready to read on now?

It was a treasure chest laying at my feet and I was ‘bedazzled by beads’ that’s for sure.

I do hope you are laughing with me instead of shaking your head at the absolutely funny absurdity of this whole picture. I just could not help myself, but that’s another conversation.

If you are laughing then that must mean either you have done something very similar or have come close to it…see I knew I wasn’t the only one.

A New Millennium, a New Baby and A New Hobby

Fast Forward to the Year 2000

kids-craftsNow let’s fast forward to the year 2000, It was a busy year. A new millennium, we had moved to a new home that summer, I was expecting a wee one and I was looking for a new hobby.

It finally happened. I stumbled into learning how to bead. It was an intentional accident. Beading magazines and supply catalogs became my best friend.

Why had I not learned before? I can not answer that, other than to say I didn’t think it was possible and it never really struck me.

I was busy with other hobbies and raising kids I suppose and the timing or the inclination wasn’t right.

Bedazzled by Beads became my new passion, an addictive quest to learn how to make jewelry.

It was not an easy path to learn then, but now more than 13 years later I am still bedazzled by these beauties called beads. In addition to learning for myself I also became very passionate in sharing this easy process of beading with all beginners that might be struggling with their own journey learning how to get started beading.

Instructing and teaching became my goal. Since it was a difficult start for me and I knew I could not be alone. There were others out there looking for the same information I had been looking for, right then I committed myself to making it an easier path for others to get started beading.

I quickly began to network so I could learn what I could to bring these simple instructions to others and began teaching classes in my community. I enjoyed it so much and it kept me too busy I decided it was time to reach a larger audience. The next logical step was the World Wide Web.

bedazzled by beads

A New Journey Begins

Now the Year is 2014 

It is now 2014 and I had just been awarded the honored position as “The Bedazzled by Beads Contributor for Squidoo” but it wasn’t to last. August 2014 closed it’s doors and sent all contributors to live happily ever after with direction each of us chose to go.

Although sad at first, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It forced the elimination of a distraction that I was not willing to let go of. After some quiet time of deliberation it allowed me to fine tune my focus.

I am still passionate to share with all beginners on their journey to learn beading and making jewelry.

Just about a year prior to this I began building my teaching classes on line. It’s continues to grow, lots of pictures, lots of dialog, lots of tutorials are started and waiting for you.

Becoming the ‘Bedazzled by Beads’ contributor for Squidoo had been a crowning jewel and assisted in building my confidence that I did have something of value to share with you. I invite you to come join in and if you are just learning how to bead then I’m glad you found your way here.

We have lots to talk about and lots to share. My hope is you join in the conversation and become inspired to share with us your stories so we can all be inspired and bedazzled by beads.

Come on in and let’s bead-gin our journey…together is best.



beading for dummies book

The ‘Jewelry Making and Beading for Dummies’ book is a good basics to beading and would be a good book to have in your beading reference library.

I have not been familiar with Heather Dismore, author and editor of ‘For Dummies’ but I have been a fan of Tammy Powley since I first began searching seriously in learning how to bead way back in 2000.

Tammy Powley was one of the first I found and began to follow. I enjoyed Tammy’s writing on ‘’ and a few years back I reached out to Tammy looking for some advice, of all things, about writing vs. beading.

Tammy graciously answered my e-mails promptly and was very kind in sharing her knowledge with me on the questions I had.

I believe I may need to inquire about an interview with Tammy. Regardless, I have found this book useful for basic beading information and a bit beyond the basics. Happy beading.

What’s Up Today

Reaching Out To a Larger Audience

beading-jewelry-introAs of today Jewelry instruction on-line has begun and we are just one facet to all the voices out there helping to get you started. We do our instruction at Beading Jewelry and invite you to come join us for your beginning sessions. As the site continues to grow and expand new information will be added and the on-line classroom with take on new looks as we evolve into the area.

Come visit us and see how we can help you in your journey of beading jewelry for beginners. We look forward to serving your beading needs there.


Thanks for Stopping by For a Visit

Thank you so much for stopping by here to visit in our ‘Bedazzled by Beads’ world. I hope you enjoyed your stay here and that you learned something new while you were here.

I hope you decide to visit often and join in the conversation.

I have so much to share and love spreading the beading bug and finding new beading buddies.

If to start making beaded jewelry or if you need a refresher or if you would just like to talk beads then comment below so we can discuss it.

I promise I am a real person I do my best to catch the comments but sometimes, because I am human, I fail miserably…….mostly because I’m so wrapped up in writing more and more new information for you to read.   

The best I can leave you with is making beaded jewelry is simple, easy and fun stuff and I would be honored to start you on your way. Leave a comment below and let me know how we can help you in your journey.

Beaded Blessings!




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