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Amber of Mobile-Boutique – Bead Store, Bead Designer and Mama Bear

jewelry artist of the month-Amber Mobile Boutique

Join us in introducing a true pioneer in the bead designing world. Amber, owner of Mobile-Boutique, took on the beading world before she knew what she was doing. All she wanted was a 1973 VW Beetle Car and ended up with a bead store on-line providing beads, charms and clasp that she designs herself. Read of her journey that brought her to this dream come true and became a bead at home mom known as Mama Bear.

Is Tassel Jewelry A Hassle?

Is Tassel Jewelry a Hassle? I want to talk with you today about something that I’ve watched become more and more popular…Tassel Jewelry. According to The Zoe Report …it’s a trend we can’t get enough of. I can understand why, I…

Happy Valentine’s Day ~ Beaded Shoulder Necklace

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!…This beautiful shoulder necklace in the background here is a lovely unique statement piece made by Fayelon Handcrafted Jewelry. Marilyn provides an assortment of selections to choose from and custom orders are accepted. Prices vary based on detail…

The Many Shades of Amethyst

As Valentine’s Day approaches we will take advantage of such a sweet day and talk a bit about the many shades of one of our favorite gemstones that we looove….the amethyst. So if you have just a few minutes to…